Animixes Vol. 2 Out Now !! ^__________^

Hudson Glover’s Animixes Vol. 2 is ready for your sweet lil ear house and kawaii loving hearts. Plenty-o dance filled melodic bubble themes in there for all ages 🙂

Stream on the bandcampz or spotify or whatever you want peepsies :))))))))

Here’s the backstory btw…

It is year 2743 in Detroikyo and computer technology has been criminalized due to the exploitation of quantum hacking. Hayter and her friends discovered discarded electronics in sanctioned off subway ruins & started collecting circuit boards and tubes. After years of innocent tweaking in their grandfather’s basement, Hayter and her friends designed their first oscillator and quickly became obsessed with this lost knowledge.

The following collection features the fourteen innovators of lost electronic music. Making these cheerful and melodic tracks helped these friends cope through their post-apocalyptic fascist regime and helped brighten the dead eyes of their fellow working class peers. A renaissance of hedonist dance parties and bio drugs marathons began to fill the underground & continued to grow until the entire population vanished from existence. It is thought that Hayter’s innocence was eventually soiled from her newly gained power and she corrupted a time travel device to consume the masses in an interdimensional music installation. Another theory is that their level of consciousness raised to such a high level due to such mindful raving that they became invisible to lower life forms.

Whatever happend, MAX was the only thing unaffected. A neutral digital entity that exists within all of us. A creature birthed of the world wide web that continues to source information of the past & future worlds. MAX leaked this collection of songs along with many of Hayter’s blueprints into the interdimensional vortex. A small community of engineers recently spoke out that most modern computing technology was founded from this knowledge at the time of the internet’s conception.

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New video for (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ Fun 101 from soon to be released Animixes Vol. 2

The latest single off of Hudson Glover’s Animixes Vol. 2 has just been released on the interwebz. Enjoy the love story of two popsicles emerging into one. The full record will be released on November 3rd through all major distributors…

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Bourgeois Speedball’s First Single Off Upcoming Album Out Now

“Love is a Many Gendered Thing,” the first single from their upcoming album is out now. Tentatively titled “You Who Will Come to the Surface,” the album will be released sometime in late July. Check it out over on their Bandcamp.

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Bourgeois Speedball’s “Abolish the Police” Single and B-Side Out Now

Bourgeois Speedball’s new free single, “Abolish the Police” is out now and can be found over at their Bandcamp. The single comes with an instructional score and artwork by Kristian Talley.  Merging queer house, IDM, field recordings culled from their work around the soundscapes of struggle at UC Santa Cruz and lectures discussing gender, race, class and the prison-industrial-complex, the single and b-side work to connect revolutionary struggles, radical desire and embodied rhythms.

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Doctor Gabba’s ‘Prescriptions Vol. 1’ to be released Jan. 26 (single available now)

Doctor Gabba, aka Nadov, just finished selecting 17 trax out of his massive juke catolog that he’s been working on for the last year. Gabba is notorious for finishing 1 to 2 trax every couple of hours, so I don’t even want to think of his internal discog – either way – it is a privilege to peer into his personal reserves. This is a very interesting take on the current juke trend blowing up in Chicago/Detroit especially because Gabba’s backround lies outside of the electronic domain (playing mostly percussion & guitar). It was great seeing him mature and evolve into a more diverse musician writing these songs which have eventually become a very nice and complete album.

The album will be released Jan 26th but the single is available for stream now:


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New Release – Animixes Vol. 1

Animixes Vol. 1 has finally been released and is available in digital download or cassette. This is a ride through live electro-acoustic experimentation with consonant alternative- tuning-systems (just/quarter) and syncopated rhythm. Various soundbites from selective anime series provide a fun and bubbly narrative. Enjoy – go to our releases for more info.

Official video containing over an hour of recycled vhs collage.


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Mouk – Intoxicating Porosity (Cassettes)

Mouk’s enveloping neo-broken-folk, Intoxicating Porosity, is ready for your ears and still available in cassette format. It is an honor to have this as our first official release – please stay tuned for more to come 🙂


Ian Brown performing with their group ‘Bourgeois Speedball’ in and around unidentifiable terrain.

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Nava Dunkelman & Thollem McDonas

Thollem McDonas has been touring the world for eight years without a solitary residence, not the lifestyle that most classically trained pianists choose to say the least. He has been collaborating with tremendous musicians at various institutions during this time so his body of work has become prolific. Thollem specializes in group improvisation wilst flowering motifs of old jazz (Gershwin), romantic preludes, and modern cacophony.

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Tangerine Dream – Live at Conventry Cathedral

Historical performance of tangerine dream doing their thing… in a cathedral. Just check out those modular synths!

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Michael Harrison – Microtonal Piano

This is a beautiful piece from the student of La Monte Young. Michael Harrison is capable of making dissonant intervals pleasing to the ear so effortlessly.

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