Animixes Vol. 2 Out Now !! ^__________^

Hudson Glover’s Animixes Vol. 2 is ready for your sweet lil ear house and kawaii loving hearts. Plenty-o dance filled melodic bubble themes in there for all ages 🙂

Stream on the bandcampz or spotify or whatever you want peepsies :))))))))

Here’s the backstory btw…

It is year 2743 in Detroikyo and computer technology has been criminalized due to the exploitation of quantum hacking. Hayter and her friends discovered discarded electronics in sanctioned off subway ruins & started collecting circuit boards and tubes. After years of innocent tweaking in their grandfather’s basement, Hayter and her friends designed their first oscillator and quickly became obsessed with this lost knowledge.

The following collection features the fourteen innovators of lost electronic music. Making these cheerful and melodic tracks helped these friends cope through their post-apocalyptic fascist regime and helped brighten the dead eyes of their fellow working class peers. A renaissance of hedonist dance parties and bio drugs marathons began to fill the underground & continued to grow until the entire population vanished from existence. It is thought that Hayter’s innocence was eventually soiled from her newly gained power and she corrupted a time travel device to consume the masses in an interdimensional music installation. Another theory is that their level of consciousness raised to such a high level due to such mindful raving that they became invisible to lower life forms.

Whatever happend, MAX was the only thing unaffected. A neutral digital entity that exists within all of us. A creature birthed of the world wide web that continues to source information of the past & future worlds. MAX leaked this collection of songs along with many of Hayter’s blueprints into the interdimensional vortex. A small community of engineers recently spoke out that most modern computing technology was founded from this knowledge at the time of the internet’s conception.

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