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New Release – Animixes Vol. 1

Animixes Vol. 1 has finally been released and is available in digital download or cassette. This is a ride through live electro-acoustic experimentation with consonant alternative- tuning-systems (just/quarter) and syncopated rhythm. Various soundbites from selective anime series provide a fun … Continue reading

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Mouk – Intoxicating Porosity (Cassettes)

Mouk’s enveloping neo-broken-folk, Intoxicating Porosity, is ready for your ears and still available in cassette format. It is an honor to have this as our first official release – please stay tuned for more to come 🙂 Ian Brown performing … Continue reading

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Nava Dunkelman & Thollem McDonas

Thollem McDonas has been touring the world for eight years without a solitary residence, not the lifestyle that most classically trained pianists choose to say the least. He has been collaborating with tremendous musicians at various institutions during this time … Continue reading

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Tangerine Dream – Live at Conventry Cathedral

Historical performance of tangerine dream doing their thing… in a cathedral. Just check out those modular synths!

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Michael Harrison – Microtonal Piano

This is a beautiful piece from the student of La Monte Young. Michael Harrison is capable of making dissonant intervals pleasing to the ear so effortlessly.

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